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1201-1- -Canicalm Spray bjeffehalsband. (PFABOSPR006) 1201-1
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1201-1- -Canicalm Spray bjeffehalsband.

Plaget med irriterende bjeffing fra hunden? Canicalm First, ble utviklet  for på en skånsom måte å stoppe hunden fra å bjeffe. Spray blir automatisk utløst når hunden bjeffer mot hundens neseparti. Hunden vil føle ett ubehag med dette og stoppe å bjeffe.

- Les manual for bruk før produkt tas i bruk.

- Les også artikkel fra mattilsynet. Trening av hund. Hva er lov?

Bruker manual Canicalm Spray, anti bjeffebånd

Trening av hund. Hva er lov?



Num Axes

NUM’AXES works in close partnership with cats and dogs experts to work out its new products and make sure they will give full satisfaction to pet owners and also ensure pets well-being and safety.

A well-educated pet will make his owner happy and will find his place in every day's society. It is a duty for pet owners to train their pet. It is also a duty to respect pets. This is how you get the best relations between pet and owner.

NUM’AXES designs easy-to-use, state-of-the-art devices in various fields to ensure security at any time.

In 2010, NUM’AXES bought up a young start-up, EYENIMAL, to enlarge its existing range and thus opening new sales channels with opportunities in the pet and vet markets . In 2014, EYENIMAL INC was created in New-York to keep in close communication with North-American customers.

Since 2015, NUM'AXES enriched its range of outdoor and nature activities products by offering trail cameras, a night vision monocular, a laser rangefinder, binoculars...

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